This is the amazing and inspiring story of a little chestnut cowhorse who broke two legs
before she was two years old.  Miraculously, she rebounded from each accident with her
spirit and mind intact and her body on the mend.  Because of her amazing intelligence and
ability to take care of herself, she was able to overcame injuries and setbacks that most
horses wouldn't survive.

Addison was born on April 12, 2001.  She was born on a Thursday night - fifteen minutes
before the end of the television show "
ER".  In a weird coincidence both her future brother
and sister would also arrive on Thursday nights during the final minutes of the popular
television show.  So far their mothers parturition has been pretty easy to predict.

Addison was a gorgeous foal.  Her baby doll head was delicate and beautiful,  punctuated
by the only white on her body - a star between her big, soft brown eyes.  Her legs were
long and straight and elegantly carried her athletic and perfectly proportioned frame.  
Addisons most striking feature was, and still is, her stunning mane and tail.  In contrast to
her burnished copper coat it is blonde, long and thick - making her the equine version of the

Coppertone Baby

It was obvious from the start that Addison was special.  At one week old she demonstrated
natural cow sense and athletic ability.  One day, towards the end of her first week on earth,
Addison and her mother were grazing and nursing peacefully in the foaling paddock when
her human caretaker decided to mow the grass in their pasture.  Addison had never seen a
big, green, noisy, four wheeled creature before and reacted instinctivley.  Instead of
running from the tractor, as most baby horses would, Addison faced it head on and
performed a series of side to side cuts - deep and fast.  The caretaker was awed but
horrified by her actions.  Awed at her athleticism but horrified at the stress that was being
placed on her "baby" bones, ligaments and tendons.

As far as training and halter breaking, Addison wasn't especially easy or hard.  She just had
to understand and agree with what was expected of her.  Once she accepted the current
lesson she never forgot it and would usually follow your wishes.  With Addison it was all a
matter of trust.  If she was comfortable with what was asked of her she complied.  

Addison is far from perfect and has a wild streak that can't be suppressed (not that I would
want to).  At certain times she may choose not to let you catch and halter her, especially if
she doesn't know who you are.  She may even decide to rebel for the heck, or fun, of it.  
Danceing around the pasture, like a wild and free horse, with her head flipping, her mane
and tail streaming, her body bowed and her rear legs valiantly trying to kick straight up.  
During these episodes you can almost hear her laughing at every curse you spit at her and
your futile attempts to catch her.  Eventually, the untamed hellion always gives in and
becomes a well mannered, easy to lead pussy cat that trustingly follows you anywhere you
go - into a narrow trailer, a dark barn or a brightly lit surgical suite.  

Trying to give Addison anything by mouth poses a special challenge.  Any form of mediction
that has to be administered orally always brings out the worst in her.  This is very
frustrating but not without reason.  Considering all of the horrible tasting medicines that
she has had to endure in her short life, its amazing that Addison even allows an oral syringe
anywhere near her mouth .  During these episodes, patience and persistance, along with a
calm attitude, are the keys to getting the stuff into her.  Fighting with Addison is a battle

It is this mix of intelligence, passion, rebellion, independence, fearlessness and trust that
distinguishes Addison from ordinary horses.

Naming her was a challenge.  Its always hard to pick a name unless you have a personality
to go with it.  It wasn't until three weeks after Addisons birth, when a pasture mate was
born, that inspiration struck.  On May third, in the middle of the night, with no human
intervention or witness, her playmate was born.  He was a big, sturdy colt that, at birth, was
already as big as she was.  Where she was regal, delicate and feminine he was tough,
boisterous and "in your face". The colt was constantly teasing and testing everyone.  To this
day he enjoys pushing the envelope and seeing how far he can go.  If they were fictional
characters she would be a steel magnolia like Scarlett O'Hara to his suave and reckless Rhett

to be continued